About Me

Self-Portrait. Materials: Digital watercolor with Procreate.

Hi there!

My name is Brigit.

I am an illustrator, a storyteller, and a teacher

originally from the Netherlands and now living and working in Oslo, Norway.

Delighted to meet you here! My world is full of stories waiting to be drawn and shared, inspired by the beauty of nature, the art I encounter, and the new experiences I see through my son’s eyes.

As a child I loved picture books; the illustrations helped me overcome my reading challenges and sparked my joy for storytelling. Now, I hope to pass on that spark to young readers, using art to help them understand and love stories as much as I did.

In my illustrations, I aim to craft stories and unfold new adventures. I hope to inspire a sense of wonder in children, to kindle a curiosity about the world around them. My art is an invitation to imagine, to dream of possibilities, and to find joy in the simple act of seeing. I hope to bring a smile to people!


I love getting my hands dirty with various materials. Watercolors are my go-to for their softness and unpredictability, perfect for spontaneous and playful illustrations. I often add in touches of gouache, ink, acrylics and pencils to bring out the details and textures that make each piece special.

While I enjoy creating on real paper, I do not shy away from digital tools. They have their own unique advantages, especially when it comes to playing with layouts and designs. But no matter the medium, I strive to maintain that handmade, heartfelt quality in all my work.


As an artist and designer, I find joy and fulfillment in mentoring students. Working with young people ensures that no day is the same! In my workshops, I seek to share the joy of creation. I believe in nurturing the creative spirit and hope to inspire my students to explore the vast possibilities of their own imaginations. If you’re interested in joining me and igniting your own artistic journey, check out my upcoming workshops in Oslo. (Read about my experience as a high school teacher below).


Born and raised in the Netherlands, I am now soaking up the tranquility and inspiration in Oslo, Norway. Drawing and painting has always been my favorite way to express myself, from the art classes in high school to studying Industrial Design Engineering.

I had the joy of being a high school teacher for nearly ten years in physics and a course on research and design. It has been a journey of its own—rewarding, challenging, and full of learning experiences, which I hope my students experienced as well.

In 2018, I started to carve out more space for illustration in my life, setting aside one day a week to focus on what I love most. It was a small step, but it set the stage for bigger dreams. That’s when my Instagram, @brgt, took off and I started sharing my work. I began selling my artwork, running watercolor workshops, and accepting commissions.

My journey into children’s book illustration began with “Kikkers in de klas” (“Frogs in the Classroom”), a project that was close to my heart and published in 2021 in the Netherlands. It is a symbol of my dedication to bringing stories to life through art. It inspired me to take a dive into the children’s book world with my illustrations.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy exploring my work as much as I enjoy creating it!

Things I like…

The sound of nature • Making Duplo creations with my son • Watching movies • Coffee with coconut milk • Singing • Knitting • Colors of autumn leaves • Podcasts (themes; true crime, illustration business or interviews) • Watching people • Sound of fresh snow • Reading bedtime stories • Indonesian food • Birds • Yellow & Green • Plants (taking care and propagating) • Croissants • Swimming • Tea • Fiction books • The sun • Boardgames • Cooking and trying out new recipes • Carnaval in Oeteldonk • Young adult books • Smell of summer rain • Homemade popcorn (because of the popping) • Watching talent shows • Graphic novels and picture books


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